You had one job meme

Worst Failures in Doing A Job: Best Memes on The Internet For Laugh Out Loud

Holla peeps! Have you failed miserably at a simple task? Have you felt embarrassed by making mistakes which even a grade 5th kid may not do? Looking for such memes that you can relate to? Nobody is perfect, but sometimes you cross heights of stupidity in doing even the simplest of the tasks. Some of the memes are so lame that they do not qualify to be published and you feel like killing the creator! Here is a comprehensive list of You Had One Job meme collection that you must not miss that will leave you laughing incessantly for a very long time! Check them out here:

  • Pinterest – It is a powerful and unique platform that lets users share information through images. Just type “you only had one job” in the search bar, and there you go! Laughter all around with exciting memes and images uploaded by the online community.
  • 9gag – Does this website need an introduction? It is one of the most followed pages on the World Wide Web and has a hilarious collection of memes based on You Only Had One Job.
  • Sarcasm – This page owes its popularity to Facebook and its users and is being followed by millions of people around the world. There are similar meme pages named Sarcasm Society, Men Sarcasm, Sarcasm Sodality, Sarcasm Hub, etc. to add that extra punch to the meme world.
  • Know your Meme – If you search for “You Had One Job Meme” on google this is the first result and directly shows memes related to the topic. Get giggling by exploring more memes on, and it will leave you breathless!
  • Bored Panda – This is another hilarious page to check out and ranks first among the funniest of the memes. Go online sites search for any meme to get giggling without any pause!
  • Smosh –the graphics will make you relate to the memes so well that you would love to explore more such memes and have a good time.

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