Happy Monday Memes Funny Collection


Make Your Monday Interesting With Memes

Technological advancement can bring you out from a gloomy state of mind. Mondays are the most loathed day of the week because it shatters your weekend feels and acts like a complete hangover. Once all the weekend merriment is over, Monday comes like a devil in disguise to ruin the party mood and is a beginning of another five days of no relaxation.  From students to employees all age group hates Monday. The concept of this hatred towards Monday has become one of the most talked about topics over the internet in the form of memes. The social networking sites that have gained immensely popular over the years are loaded with all kinds of memes based on Mondays and how it is the worst feeling ever to wake up on a Monday morning.

Create Your Monday Meme

Mondays are characterized by this feeling of laziness and early morning rush. We can describe the funny aspect of Mondays in many ways. One can say that “You don’t have Monday morning blues if you sleep the entire day.” Another way to emphasize on this can be “My alarm on Monday mornings are named ‘Horror Story’ with a ghostly scream. “I love Mondays unless they come after Sunday” is also a subtle way of showing your contempt towards Monday. One can also say things like “If you are unemployed, you will surely have a happy Monday.”  So if you too want to join the group which mocks Monday, you can create your memes.

To make the first day of the week as interesting as Sunday, you can find unlimited memes on Monday all over the internet on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. To keep your week going without actually getting bored, keep scrolling on your phone and have hearty laughter with a collection of funny Monday memes and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, if you want them to keep smiling. After all, Monday isn’t that bad. While if you are unemployed, then just sit back and enjoy others suffering from the Monday fever.

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