loss meme

The loss is an inevitable part of life. We lose something in life almost often in life and do moan about it. It might be something huge or small but the moments stay forever. What could be more appropriate than to share a meme about your loss to fit the situation?

This loss meme is the longest running meme the internet has ever produced. It started long back in 2008 when web-comic artist Tim Buckley wrote a comic about a man named Beckley who lost his child due to miscarriage. Since then such situations were used in loss memes and heavily shared on Reddit. More than a meme this is basically used as a parody.

Loss meme for Him

Does he mean something special to you? What if you come to know that he has lost something in life and is sad about it. You have come to the right place, just click on our memes and share them to say whatever you wanted to. You can tell him how much he means to you and how much you care for him by just this meme.

Loss Meme For her

If she has lost something and you want to show how much you care for her emotions just share some meme about loss with her. This might console her and bring a smile on her face and she might come to know that she means a lot to you.

Loss meme for Whatsapp

Everybody nowadays has a family WhatsApp group. Suppose there’s a loss in the family , it’s easy to communicate with just sharing a meme. Just a picture would be enough.

Funny Loss Meme

Loss memes are mostly a parody. Suppose you want to create a funny situation in a daily monotonous life, make a funny about someones stupid loss. Congratulations, you have come to the right place! Just to break out the laughter, share from our collection of memes to make things more sarcastic.


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