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The Story Behind The Harambe Gorilla

Lately, there was an accident that took place in the Cincinnati Zoo that grabbed everyone’s attention. The case involved the killing of an animal and which indeed ended with a sad demise. While enjoying a day at the amazing zoo, a couple and their child were watching the gorilla do funny acts in the zoo cage along with other people as an audience. Accidentally the child fell into the cage and happened to be with the Harambe-the gorilla for quite a few minutes. At first, Harambe was confused about how this piece of living got into this cage and to everyone’s surprise; the huge sized gorilla began pulling the 4-year old into the water from one side to the other. The zoo authority was informed about this, and they had to take immediate action, and that was only possible if they shoot the gorilla to save the baby boy.

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After which the internet was flooded with viral news and updates about the happening of how the child was saved by killing the huge animal which ended this gorilla- Harambe into the world of memes. Anything that gets viral ends its life becoming a meme! You can get the latest Harambe memes on Facebook and Instagram to cheer up your day!

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