Funny Happy Birthday Memes for Mom [Mother]


Bring Smile On Your Mom’s Face On Her Birthday

Isn’t your mother’s smile the most priceless thing in the world? So why not get a glance at this beautiful sight as many times as possible, simply by sharing funny content with her. The most trending way to spread laughter today is by sharing “memes.” A Meme is a piece of text or an image which has a component of humor and is spreading rapidly across the internet mainly through various social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Be your mom’s favorite child by making every attempt at making her smile. Make her birthday a happy one by sharing memes with her.

Create Your Meme

Make special memes for mom on her birthday and other special occasions such as mother’s day. You can show all your creativity and sense of humor simply by making your meme, for example, if it’s her birthday you can simply say stuff like “Happy Birthday Mother, you survived a year longer with this naughty kid” or you can say things like, “ Happy getting older mom!” Making memes are all about being silly or lame while trying your level best to make someone laugh. Say crazy things like “be happy on your birthday I did all the household work for you today.” Fool around with her and say “why to blow out the candles and wish for a blessing when you already have me?” and “Happy Birthday to the mother of a Star kid!” Such things will never fail to woo her and make her laugh.

Give Her A Break From Monotonous Life

Show your mom how much you care and how important it is for you to see her smiling. Express to her how much you value her laughter; make sure she understands that her happiness is your happiness as well. This small act of sharing memes can be a unique step taken towards having a best friend relationship with your mother. Reciprocate her love towards you by giving her relief from her monotonous life, don’t just get her gifts or throw a surprise party instead do something different to release the everyday tension of her life.

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