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Meme Magic Is Now Taking The World By Storm

Are you sad? Are you having a bad day? Are you stressed out? Are you exhausted?  Are you bored? Whatever the situation may be, the internet has a one-stop solution for almost all your problems, which is popularly known as a meme. Presently in this virtual world, the units of happiness are viral memes. So, let’s take a step forward to make this world a happy place through a simple effort of tagging your friends in memes and sharing them on your timeline or news feed. Do you need a break? Have a meme break, happy scrolling, happy sharing, and happy tagging.

The True Story of Doge

The internet famous “Doge” meme has always been among the most buzzing viral subjects of the virtual world, but it had reached the heights in the year of 2013. The meme itself is so graceful and humorous that almost no one could resist having a look at the picture of a Shiba Inu dog, which has an extremely sarcastic expression, surrounded by some colourful non-sensible labels which contain the phrases, “Oh! Wow” “So funny” “So hilarious” “So talking” “Such opinion” etc.

Kabosu, popularly known as “Doge” was adopted by Atsuko Sato in November 2008, when she was facing a highly brutal fate and was on the verge of death in an animal shelter in Japan. But unfortunately, the internet sensation died a few years back. Such a heart-warming story has two polar effects, one being the essence of joy and the latter being the restoration of faith in humanity.

Dank “Doge”

Such humorous, heart-warming and “memory” Doge throws a bright light over the buzzing hot topics of the internet. The Doge meme is so light hearted that it will signal your brain to secrete a handful of happiness hormones such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin to flush out your stress, worry, anxiety, etc. within seconds. So, turn on your electronic bricks and have the much deserved smile and relaxation while you scroll your news feed or timeline and don’t forget to spread this happiness. So, keep tagging your close ones. Let the memes spread peace all over the world.

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